About us.

Bhalsar Seeds India Private Limited is an indigenous seed production solution and development Company incorporated in 2019. The Company is engaged in seed research, multiplication, processing and distribution of hybrids and seeds of improved varieties. We are focused on increasing farmers’ yields, nutrition and livelihood. Our products offerings are three-fold: field crops, vegetables and Biocides with technology dissemination. The Company has a wide range of seeds that have become popular with farmers and agro-inputs dealers in India. Our focus field crops are Maize, Rice, Mustard, Green Gram, Black Gram, Sunflower. Vegetables include tomato, okra, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, hot pepper, sweet pepper, watermelon, melon, radish, carrot, gourds, beetroot, and other Open Pollinated species.


Besides the production and distribution of seeds of improved hybrid varieties and top quality vegetables, Bhalsar Seeds is active in seed systems reengineering. Since 2019, we have supported farmers in the areas of training on best agronomic practices, improving access to contemporary agricultural technologies, improving access to market and provision of inputs support through our field to market agricultural initiative. Bhalsar Seeds India has supported more than 10,000 farmers in targeted interventions since 2019.

Bhalsar Seeds India Private Limited

Our commercial extension intervention started in Northern States in India. In 2020, The Company is in closely working with ICAR, IIVR, IIHR, and foreign seed companies in further improvement in technologies to utilities in R & D our activities and in collaboration in development and benefits of contemporary agricultural technologies to our farmers.

We are leading in climate-resilient and nutrition-sensitive agriculture. We have some flagship products in Sweet Pepper, watermelon, Hot-pepper, which are technological products for a farmer to produce high yielding and other quality attributes.


  • • Develop high yielding, disease and stress-tolerant crop varieties.
    • Register high yielding, stress-tolerant and high value addition hybrids.
    • Maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, growers, distributors and suppliers.
    • Improve farmer access to agronomic solutions.


• Bhalsar Seeds has made a significant investment in establishing infrastructure, R&D, processing, seed quality testing, and seed packing lines.
• Our seeds are produced by trained and experienced contract seed growers and are then processed at our seed processing plant.
• The company has an adequate storage facility to store seeds in highly secured conditions with very easy loading and handling.

Our Mission

Our Vision 

We constantly innovate and improve our product to provide quality seed to farmers by maintaining excellent genetic purity and germination.We provide scientific and improved cultivation technology of the crop to the farmers through exhibition and also a direct demonstration on the farm to enhance the crop production in the field of Agriculture.

“Being a pioneer in seed research & development  in the country and remain nation class quality seed provider, our sole aim is to increase the productivity of farmers and thus increase national production.”